Fig Leaves

It’s been a rainy grey day today, so I concentrated on transferring seedlings from the propagators into bigger pots.  I only have plastic greenhouses and they’re nowhere near as warm or insulated as a real glass greenhouse so all the young plants have to stay indoors for a while yet.  As a result, the dining table is now a jungle.  I’m sure I heard Tarzan swishing between the branches at one point.

Dining table jungle
Dining table jungle

Venturing out to the garden it was nice to check on things which are starting to grow.  I spotted the first leaves forming on the fig tree.

Fig leaves starting to grow
Fig leaves breaking through

And looking closer, there were the first tiny figs.  These are a miniscule 1cm wide at present.

Tiny figs starting to grow
Tiny figs starting to grow

If the plant performs as well as it has in recent years, late in the summer it’ll have a good number of tasty fruits which thrive in sunshine, seemingly turning the heat into juicy sweetness.

Fully ripened figs, two years ago.
Fully ripened figs from the same plant, two years ago.

Nearby, the advantages of over-wintering vegetables were evident.  In the past few weeks, these Douce Provence pea plants have grown a great deal and their tendrils are climbing up the netting.

Over-wintered Douce Provence peas
Over-wintered Douce Provence peas

They’ll be ready for picking much earlier than the spring-planting varieties I sowed a couple of weeks ago, which are currently covered with mesh to keep birds off them.  Having both types makes for a nicely long harvest season.

And next to the peas is this vibrant red-veined sorrel plant.  Very vigorous and hardy, I don’t think anything could harm it and, happily, pests don’t seem interested in it.

Red-veined sorrel
Red-veined sorrel

That’s probably to do with its sour taste, but I like to use it similarly to spinach, wilting it and stirring it into other dishes.  Once the sun comes back, this and everything else should really flourish.

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