Cute Cucumbers

For a little while longer I’m keeping the cucumber plants indoors. There’s still a slight risk of overnight frosts, so they’re near one of the windows in pots for now.

Cucumbers waiting indoors for hot weather
Cucumbers waiting indoors for hot weather

I’m growing three varieties:

  1. Marketmore, which has performed well in previous years and makes weighty 8 inch fruits
  2. Cornichon de Paris, a first time grow for me, which promises lots of small gerkhins, ideal for pickling
  3. Grandal, again new to me and sized somewhere between the two others, being good picked small at 3 inches or left to grow a bit larger.

The Grandal plants are racing ahead and already have yellow flowers. Look closely behind the flowers and you can see the tiny cucumbers forming:

Tiny cucumbers forming
Tiny cucumbers forming

It’s a trailing variety and the stems are noticeably flexible, so when planting them outside I’ll trail them up a trellis to keep the fruit off the ground where slugs would have a feast.

I’m very much looking forward to lots of cucumbers come harvest season. They’re one of those vegetables that combines good taste with great health benefits, so will always be a wortwhile grow.


  1. Oh these look so nice. I hope the transition is easy for them. I started cucumbers in the house a few years back only to have the wind tear them apart when I put them outside.


    • That’s wise advice Lucinda, thank you. I’ve a sheltered warm spot in mind for them but will be extra cautious because of that risk you describe.

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