Ways with water

I’m a convert to these water spike gadgets. Fill a standard-sized empty plastic bottle with water, screw the spike on, then stick the pointy end into the soil and it’ll slowly release the water.

Water bottle spikes at the base of some of the tomato plants

One of the thirstiest vegetables I’m growing is a quartet of cucumber plants in a very, very large pot. Think how ‘wet’ a cucumber is when you eat it and that water has to come from somewhere. It’s a variety called ‘Merlin‘ and I bought four young plants from the supermarket, rather than growing from seed.

First cucumbers ready for picking

It’s said to grow up to 2 metres tall! (or long, if you chose to lay it out horizontally) but I’ll top if off long before getting that size, which will hopefully make it push out more fruits. For now, I’ve cut the first cukes today and was delighted to find they’re have a thin skin. I’ve grown the Marketmore variety in the past and the skins were quite thick and chewy. These Merlins are much better.

They’re thin skinned with a very nice flavour

Just need a glass of Pims to slice it into now 🙂

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