Juicy Fruit

A week ago I picked most of the grapes from our two vines.  With a plan to put them through the Magimix juicer, I was pleased to get quite a lot – more than it appears in this photo, which doesn’t show the depth of the bowls.

Freshly picked grapes
Freshly picked grapes

In the juicer, the skins did clog things up a few times  but eventually I was filling some recycled wine bottles with grape juice.

Grape juice
Grape juice

It was very cloudy at first, as shown above.  But since then we’ve refiltered it through muslin cloth a few times – which is a quick and simple process – and it’s clearer now.  Tasting a few drips, it’s absolutely delicious: lightly fruity and naturally sweet.

I think that’s because we really did leave it late to pick the grapes: till they were slightly over-ripe and having been through some cold nights.  Cold and even frost at this stage apparently does wonders to the flavour and that seems to have been the case this time.

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