Getting seedy

Sorting several seeds
Sorting several seeds

Phew!  After several hours I now have a list of which veg I’ll be growing this year.  And, after trawling through last year’s seed packets, a few of which are shown above, I ended up with a list of other seeds I wanted.

As a result, I’ve just ordered:  kale, agretti, spinach, broad beans, various other pulses, chillis, spring onions, sweet peppers, spearmint, coriander, beetroot, aubergine, radish and strawberries.

That’s by no means the full growing plan:  I already have seeds for various other things: courgettes, carrots and various brassicas.  Once the good seed potatoes are available, they’ll be on the list too.

The amount I’ve just spent (some of the more obscure pulses were a whopping £3.99 a pack) soon added up and really did drive home the value of seed saving.  I only did so with cucumber last time, but this year will try to save several other types too.

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