Chocs away!

Here we go again…

First seeds sown
First seeds sown

It may not look much but this humble tray of modules means the 2014 growing season is now officially under way chez Douglas14.

Even though we’ve only just left January, and winter really hasn’t hit North-West England yet, several of the seed varieties I have lined up for the year need to be sown now. Others such as the red basil at the front can be sown and grown indoors at any time of year but I’d like to get some growing.

Left-right:  Early Jalapeño chillis, Orange Bell peppers, Coriander, Giant red celery and Toscana strawberries.  I grew the orange bell peppers last year and they tasted marvellous and have grown coriander before, but the rest are new to me.  So I hope the next photo on here will show lots of tiny green shoots.  The tray is sitting on a hot plate device to try and maintain the ideal 20 degrees centigrade for germination.  Fingers crossed …