Digging done

Freshly dug raised beds
Freshly dug raised beds

Phew! That was a heavy duty couple of hours this afternoon, doing final prep of the raised beds before starting planting in the coming weeks.  I pulled out lots of tiny weeds (and one big stinging one – ouch!), applied a dressing of fish, blood and bone fertiliser, cut in some green manure with the strimmer, then dug and raked most of the soil.

The bed on the left was very compacted so I dug half of it over but left the other half. That’s because we’ll be growing some cabbages there and cabbages like nice solid ground, to avoid root rock.

Overwintered onions and garlic
Overwintered onions and garlic

The small bed in the distance with the netting is my overwintered onions and garlic.  They’re looking OK and having already set their roots down should race away now the weather is starting to warm up.

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