Rusty Garlic

Provence Wight garlic, still with growing to do
Provence Wight garlic, still with growing to do

This is over-wintered Provence Wight garlic, which has been in the ground for the best part of eight months.

I noticed it was suffering from rust: the brown spots of fungus that you can just see on the plant on the left.  Wondering whether to take the opportunity to lift them, I pulled back the soil to reveal the one on the right, only to see that it’s some way short of full size yet.

I’ll leave them for another few weeks; although it appears alarming the rust shouldn’t do much harm below the surface.  And those few extra weeks should see the bulbs put on their final spurt of growth to achieve full size, a few inches across.


  1. Hmmm … I had rusty garlic too, but I think it’s alright. At least, I hope it is, as I’m showing my attempt at garlic braiding to some Beautiful Scotland judges next week. Asa small part of a big display, I might add


    • Thanks, that’s reassuring to know. I lifted them today and although still drying they mostly seem OK. My previous attempts at braiding have been pitiful, so I’ve every admiration for anyone doing it to show standard. Good luck!


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