On the grapevine

There are two grape vines in the garden here, one black and one green.  The past two years only the black grapes came through, with no fruit at all on the green vine.  I think it must’ve been down to some mistimed pruning a couple of years ago.

Tiny green grapes in June

Tiny green grapes in June

All of a sudden this year both vines are full of tiny fruit, bang on schedule.  It’s a real pleasure to see thousands of baby grapes all over the long branches of the green vine.

I must remember to pick and freeze some of the leaves while they’re still young and tender: they make fabulous wraps for Greek dishes.


  1. I’ve just bought a green grape vine – I thought it would be easier to grown green grapes further north. This was not based on scientific evidence but the impression I got that they grew green grapes in Germany.


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