The Agretti Adventure continues

Is it wrong to be excited about a vegetable?  I’m thrilled that the Agretti seedlings I nervously planted out seven weeks ago are now looking really strong in their raised bed.  The exotic veg, rare in this country, are bushing out nicely with lots of grassy strands on each ‘plant’.

Agretti growing well
Agretti growing well

I lifted one today, to understand the structure, and found that the central stalk is quite firm, even tough, but the darker green strands are tender and juicy. These are what you cut off and cook.

A single Agretti plant
A single Agretti plant

I have about 150 plants like the one above, so after a bit more growing time will try cooking them a few different ways.  Wilted into long pasta such as spaghetti is popular in Italy they say.

UPDATE:  See the agretti harvested and cooked a few weeks later …


  1. Yes hurry up and try some, I’m amazed at the growth it’s put on. Never thought those weedy seedlings would flourish so, I guess they’re really enjoying the Southern Mediterranean-type weather we’re having.


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