Agretti at last

My agretti adventure finally came to fruition today, as I cooked some in earnest for the first time.

Picking a few ‘plants’ I was surprised just how productive a vegetable it is.  One small seed produces the structure below, 14″ (35cm) long.

One Agretti 'plant'
One Agretti ‘plant’

Trimming the succulent threads from three such plants produced the quantity below, which was very pleasing.

Three agretti plants trimmed and ready for cooking
Three agretti plants trimmed and ready for cooking

And here’s the final dish: linguine pasta, with lightly boiled agretti, broad beans and shallots, all home grown apart from the pasta.  Serving it with long pasta is quite a well established method in Italy.

Agretti with linguine
Agretti with linguine

The verdict?  Very pleasant indeed.  As I’d read, the agretti does taste like a mild samphire, slightly grassy and slightly salty.  Combined with the olive oil in which the shallots were fried it was nice and tasty.  Next time some grated italian hard cheese like grana padano would take it up a notch.  I’ve lots more still in the ground, so lots of opportunities to experiment.


  1. Sounds wonderful! I’ll try this myself next year. I like samphire, but growing it seems to be quite difficult, trying to keep it damp and watering with salt water. Agretti sounds the way to go.


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