When the chips are down

This year we grew two potato crops: Charlotte variety for second earlies and King Edwards for maincrops.

The Charlottes have been delicious, if modest in number.  Their savoury, firm flesh is a joy boiled or sautéed.

This year's maincrop potatoes
This year’s maincrop potatoes

The King Edwards only came out of the ground yesterday afternoon, pictured above.  This was a better crop, 12lb (5.5Kg) in total.  I washed and photographed a few, to submit to the Virtual Show competition on the Grow Your Own web site.  I had the great fortune to be overall winner of the competition in 2013, but there are 29 categories in total so I’ve a lot more photography to do before the closing date.

Cleaned up for showing
Cleaned up for showing

Meanwhile, last night Mrs. D used those very same potatoes to make the tastiest chips (with steak) I’ve eaten in years. Yum!

King Edwards chips
King Edwards chips

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