Saffron Quest

I’ve long had my heart set on growing saffron, that wildly expensive seasoning which costs several pounds for a jar containing a few golden strands.

Saffron Crocus bulbs

Saffron Crocus bulbs

So today I planted forty or so of these bulbs, the Saffron Crocus.  Each should produce a flower and each flower should have a couple of stamen. These are the strands we know as saffron.  Although they need to be planted six inches deep, they promise to be in flower within 2-3 months.

Saffron bulbs planted out under cover
Saffron bulbs planted out under cover

For now they’re under this net cloche, keeping out of the horrible rain we’ve had today from the remnants of Hurricane Bertha.  I’m looking forward to the intricate business of picking the stamen with tweezers when the flowers open at dawn.  More to report as they grow …


  1. Ha! So you’ll get up at dawn for your saffron (even if it is only to mutilate it); still I’ll be really interested to know if that crop succeeds. I think I’m unconvinced by the agretti though I admire your persistance.


  2. I’m kind of banking on the later sunrises as autumn sets in! Yes, so long as my crocuses don’t croak it should be something to look forward to.


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