Colour coming through

As we approach the later cropping season, much of the vegetable garden is green again, with colourful early beetroots, radishes, carrots and rhubarb long since lifted and eaten or preserved.

And yet the later veg are now hinting at their forthcoming flourish of colour.  Somehow the flecks and hints of red, purple or orange on the prevailing green are very attractive and exciting, promising a vivid new crop.

Below, the first few grapes are taking on a purple hue.

Black Grapes starting to colour

Black Grapes starting to colour

And here the early jalapeño peppers are turning black on their way to scarlet red.

Jalapeños turning black

Jalapeños turning black

Meanwhile the Red Pear tomatoes are lightening to orange, on their way to living up to their colourful name.

Red Pear tomatoes

Red Pear tomatoes

As a taster of the vibrant hues to come, this red lettuce is thriving in the autumn conditions, and gracing many of the sandwiches I take to work!

Red Lettuce

Red Lettuce


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