hail kale

Exactly three months ago I sowed some seeds of ‘Seaweed Kale’.  The name had caught my interest when I saw it on the DT Brown’s web site.

There’s room for confusion here because restaurants and individuals will often serve baked shredded kale and call it ‘seaweed’, which it patently isn’t but nobody minds because it’s very enjoyable to eat.  Cooks use ordinary kale, curly kale, even savoy cabbage.

Brown’s seeds claimed to be a particular variety of curly kale which has unusually narrow, very frilled leaves.  And this is one plant, picked yesterday, having reached what appears to be its full size.

Freshly picked 'Seaweed Kale'
Freshly picked ‘Seaweed Kale’

At first glance the leaves look as if they’ve been in too much sun and have been munched at by pests, but they’re meant to be like that: slim and curled with irregular edges.

Kale being very de rigeur at the moment for its healthy dose of antioxidants, I promptly flash fried a load of it in very unhealthy oil.  The shredded pieces only need a few seconds if the oil is hot enough.

The plant above made two big portions, which were nice and crispy but it really came into its own when sprinkled with some fine salt.  I’ve a few more plants so will enjoy the same treat again shortly.

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