Tomato Time

With four varieties on the go, and a couple of weeks of nice weather, the tomatoes are coming in thick and fast now.

Tomatoes ready for baking
Tomatoes ready for baking

Above, just under three pounds of Red Pear, Sweet Million and Tomatoberry, freshly picked this afternoon, have been chopped and drizzled with olive oil. Aiming for some kind of roasted tomato paste, I added olive oil, torn basil leaves, salt and pepper and put it in the oven for about two and a half hours.

Intensely-flavoured roast tomatoes
Intensely-flavoured roast tomatoes

Above is the result.  Once it’d cooled enough I tasted a little and was blown away by the intensity of the flavour: as piquant as vinegar and a stronger tomato taste than any ketchup.  This is now going to be frozen in portions.  It should be good on slices of bruschetta or a little stirred into pasta.

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